George "Jody" Sweeney for

5th District Levy Court

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What they are saying about Jody:

Jody is respected in his community, county, and across the State of Delaware. Here's what a few people are saying about him:

"You are a very honorable man, Jody. Wish you were in my district" - Diane Acker Smith, Clayton, DE

"I don't know who your competition is, but I think you are the most citizen responsive Levy Court Commissioner and I wish you well and hope you're re-elected" - Robert Shuba, Wyoming, DE

"Thank you, Commissioner Sweeney, and all of the Levy Court members for brining a "World Class" facility to Kent County, Delaware. Our children and grandchildren will play on this facility for many years to come!" - Robert Murphy, Milford, DE, in reference to the DE Turf facility in Frederica, DE

"Great job to you and those who helped the whole project, great innovative idea!" - William Wise, in reference to the DE Turf facility in Frederica, DE

"Jody I'm all for you! You and Buck have done great work for this county! Keep up the good work!" -  Craig Boehmer, Sr, Magnolia, DE

"I know you've helped me many times! Best of luck my friend!" - Tracy Torres, Camden Toun Councilperson

"You know you have our support! I think I still have a yard sign!" - Cheryl Carter, Sister from Canterbury, DE

"Congratulations! I know you do a great job and would be there to help me or offer advice (as you have) even though I canít vote for you." - Elisa Vassas, Dover, DE

"Best wishes for a successful campaign. You are very committed, work hard and do a great job." - Susan Durham, Director of Finance, Kent County Levy Court

"Letís go Jody!!! A true Public Servant who brings it from the heart!" - Todd Webb, Frederica, DE

"I appreciate your support of our local community Jody." - Tom Banez, Dover, DE

"Jody, though I do not reside in 5th District, you have assisted me many times, both personally and professionally. You are a great example of a public servant of the highest level and I sincerely hope, for the benefit of 5th District Constituents as well as all Kent County Residents - that you are re-elected!" - Michael Svaby, magnolia, DE

"Wishing you the best Jody ! Wish you were in our district so we could vote for you. We will still support you." - Robin and Bill Aschenberg, Magnolia, DE

"Good luck I got your back because you always have mine!" - Anna Owens, Dover, DE

" are an asset to our County." - Christina Meixell, Dover, DE

"Way to go Jody! You have done and are continuing to do a great job for our community! I will ALWAYS support you and do anything I can to help!" - Brenda Wootten, Kent County Clerk of the Peace

"You always have my Vote" - Tina Perkins Mujica, Frederica, DE

"Re elect the best 5th District Levy Court commissioner. No one is more dedicated and hard working for his constituents." - Bob Haynes, Camden DE