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RE-Elect George "Jody" Sweeney


5th District Levy Court

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  As I run my campaign for re-election to Kent County Levy Court, there have been a few people who have questioned my ability to be a public servant.

First and foremost is a man who is standing on corners with a sign that states "Jody Sweeney is not honorable". This man is also handing out his story on cars and sticking them in mailboxes (which is illegal). His story states that I ignored his emails and phone calls for help when we banned him from the Library, then had him arrested for trespassing when he returned to the library before his ban was up.

What he does not say is that he was also banned from the Dover Public Library for the same actions. He levelled racial slurs against another group of African-American teens, and even got physically violent when he threw a chair. He exhibited the same attitude in our library and was banned indefinitely.

Since the incident, all charges for trespassing were dismissed by the State, and the Kent County Public Library has reinstated his Library access.

I will never condone or support anyone who has exhibits such poor attitude toward people of different color, race, or nationality. It has not place in a global society, especially one where 95% of us comes from such diversity.

My business background and leadership have also been questioned by my opponent. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management from Wilmington University, and more than 30 years of managing multi-million dollar budgets, dozens of direct report employees, and projects worth tens of millions. Not the least of which are projects for Kent County.

As a Commissioner, I am a member of a team of leaders who have a long list of accomplishments:

  • Reduction of the County Budget from $30 million to $22.5 million.
  • Ordinance changes that reduce red tape for many simple permits and make it easier to understand.
  • Further developed parks and recreation for all Kent Countians to be healthy.
  • Support the Akridge Boy Scout Reservation and the boys and girls that are in Scouting.
  • Support our active military with tax deductions when they are deployed to active zones.
  • Support the Kent Regional Sports Facility, or DE Turf, to bring millions of dollars of economic revenue to Kent County, and promote outside sports for children.
  • Support our Veterans of all wars with tax discounts, tributes, and the beautiful Kent County Veterans Memorial.
  • Assisted homeowners and Homeowner Associations with issues they confront every day.


I consider it my pleasure to serve the residents of the 5th Levy Court District during these last seven years and hope I am given the opportunity to continue serving.  I hope you will accept this “job application” to work for you for another four years on Kent County Levy Court. 

To read my entier announcement letter, please click here.

And finally, I could use your help. If you agree with my representation of you on Levy Court, please consider contributing to my campaign. Contributions can be sent to:


Friends for Jody Sweeney
846 Moose Lodge Rd
Wyoming, DE  19934
Thank you.
If you agree with my positions and feel I have represented you well on Kent County Levy Court, please donate. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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  UPDATED: Oct 17, 2016